Rosalie Lutfiyya, Beijing, China

Born and raised in Omaha, NE, Rosalie served in many capacities in the film industry in the last 19 years acquiring the skills necessary to succeed. After obtaining a BS in International business, Rosalie moved to Chicago, IL where she attained a dual Masters degree in Business and Leadership. Throughout her nine years in Chicago, she continued working for the entertainment industry on well-known films and worked with the Oprah Winfrey Show for a few years before the show ended in 2012. She then decided to relocate to China two years later to explore how exciting and vastly different the industry is in China.

Having volunteered with homeless shelters and food pantries, feeding the homeless and working with special needs children, Rosalie continues to be an advocate for children. She volunteered for UNICEF’s Tap Project, visits orphanages internationally, planned events for Bethel in Beijing, working with Magic Hospital, a children’s hospital in Beijing and volunteering with an orphanage in Beijing. She has met incredible individuals in China who are giving back in big ways to the community and helping others around the world in their plight to chase greatness. She is on a journey to help those creating a strong foundation, assisting other people soar. She knows and understands the never ending ambition and faith needed to chase a dream.  Her goal is to help you chase and catch yours.

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Industry in many capacities

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