Project name

Including the name of your project is important but as all writers know, this may change at some point to properly depict the story

Budget and timeline

Adding the budget and deadline allows investors and potential co-producers the chance to see how much of your project is already funded and by whom. This will demonstrate how organized your project is as well as what you already bring to the table. This also gives them a good idea about how long they need to make a decision on whether or not to invest in your project

Cast members

This is vital to getting interest in China as well as can be a huge deciding factor in how much will be given to your project. There are certain Western TV series, movies and sports that very well known in China. The talent that is well known to you and in your home country is obvious to you but can be very different in China because of the culture, preferences and access they have to experience foreign talent. This will decide greatly on whether or not your project will get chosen, how quickly and whether or not the risk in investing is worth it. Obtaining an LOI from your cast members are advised


If you are interested in your film being a co-production, you and the co-producer will need to decide how to incorporate Chinese Elements and be willing to have a portion of it filmed in China.  All of this will depend on who you’re working with and what is agreed upon.  Bringing a small film crew is advised as production assistants, cameramen and other crew members can be found in China and are more cost efficient.


The synopsis and genre will determine if co-producers will work with you in China and if your story will be successful and gain great interest by Chinese audiences. Between 30-35 foreign films are allowed to enter the Chinese market and distributed worldwide including China. This is growing fast and will increase greatly in 2017! Certain genres reach success in china and should adhere to SARFT and censorship rules. This will determine if the project makes it into the market. If your completed project does not already include Chinese elements, a script doctor and co-producer will assist you with a re-write in China. Some of the genres that do well in China are:
. Romance
. Action
. Adventure
. Science fiction
. Sports
. Fantasy
. Modern day
. Animation


Some information to include is when the desired date for the proposed project to go into pre-production and final production


Can you bring distribution from you own country? What amount of financing do you bring with you? These are some of the questions that will need to be answered. There is distribution in China and the co-producers can also bring financing. Submitting a list of all what you can bring with your project is highly advised for a few reasons. It shows organization, strengthens your relationship and of course gets the project moving more rapidly