Children’s Hope Foundation (CHF)

Children’s Hope Foundation (CHF) is a local Chinese NGO.  The work of Children’s Hope began in 1992, until now, they have cooperated with Children’s Hope international, CCCWA, China Social Work Association, China’s Women’s Development foundation and many others to help more than 10,000 disabled, sick or poor children and orphans on medical surgery and sponsorship all across China.  Over the last 20 years, CHF has witnessed many miracles. Initially, CHF arranged surgeries and treat..

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Education In Sight

Poor vision is one of the most urgent problems facing students in China, and affects 30 million low-income students across the country. Because these students can't see in class, they lose any chance at an equal education. Education In Sight is a non-profit whose vision is a world where every low-income, rural student has the eyeglasses they need to see clearly and succeed in school. We accomplish our mission by bringing the eye exams, eyeglasses, and eye care education students need directly t..

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Karma Social Enterprise

Ana by Karma Social Enterprise started in the most charming way. An accountant from Hong Kong was travelling to Bhutan as volunteer to teach children, instead started a thriving little business for a poor illiterate woman who is talented in weaving. The business has since grown to provide for 70+ talented though illiterate weavers and their families. The social enterprise enables weaving women in Bhutan to use their creative talents to attain financial independence. We teach them to fish, not..

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