• Co-Productions
  • Productions
  • Music

For co-productions to be successful, the following needs to be recognized:

  • It needs to be accepted by SARFT, which regulates censorship and production in China
  • In order to be accepted by SARFT, it needs to include the following Chinese elements:
    • At least one main character is cast as a lead
    • A story line congruent to what will interest Chinese audiences
    • A genre that will be consistent with censorship in China
    • Accept scripts that need to be doctored
    • Distribution in China, which will be based on the previous mentioned
    • Lion Legends will assist with all of the above

Lion Legends will:

  • Help you build rapport and bridges between yourself and the investor
  • Help direct you to the right investor for your project
  • Present your initial proposals to the funder
  • Present your project to a film fund

Music is what makes the world go round! We work to bring your artist to China for performances in nightclubs, stadium, appearances, sponsorship, corporate events and private performances.

Lion Legends serves as a broker. We are not agents. We do not work with agents, we work directly with those part of a management team for the artist and will navigate the process for your talent to perform in China.

  • Send us a message detailing who you are and what Lion Legends can do for you and include ‘MUSIC’ in the subject box detailing:
    • The name of the artist
    • Genre of music
    • Preferred dates and tentative schedule
    • Type of venue
    • If this is part of a package deal
    • Any other details available
  • If we believe the project is feasible in China and we are interested in your talent, we will contact you